Sync Users to Facebook Audiences

1. Create a custom audience in Facebook

Write down the ID of the audience you want to sync to from Census.

2. Create a view or model from your source data

The table should contain a row per user with at least one column identifying the user (e.g. email, database ID, phone number, etc). In addition, there should be a column indicating what Facebook Audience the user should be exported to (can be the audience name or audience ID).

Example Facebook Audience Model:

select lower(email_address) as email, 'active users audience' as fb_audience
from user_activity_table;

Note: Facebook requires emails to be lower-case

3. Create a sync

a. Select your model from above as a data source and Facebook Audiences as a destination.

b. Select a primary identifier to match rows uniquely in Facebook.

c. On the next screen you can map any other user fields are present in your source data (e.g. phone number, first name, last name, etc). There's a required mapping to determine which audience the users will be synced into (see Step 1).