Zendesk Integration Tips

With our Zendesk Integration, you can sync your customer & product data that are in your warehouse to Zendesk. This helps your agents save time when responding to support requests, automatically prioritize issues when they come in, or create more powerful reporting in Zendesk by using product usage and metrics in addition to ticket metrics.

⚠️ Some quirks with Zendesk

Please note that there are two gotchas with this integration when you are updating the tag field and the using dropdown field.

The Tag field is an array of strings

Therefore when Census updates this field, we do an upsert operation on the field. This means that if you already have tags on a User object, for example:

paid_user, VIP, premium_support

and with Census you are updating the tag field with the value phone_support, it will replace all the previous tags and the only tag you will see in Zendesk is phone_support.

Updating value of a Dropdown field

Please note that as we are using the Zendesk API, you need to use the API name of the dropdown option value. Zendesk automatically converts any field value to lowercase AND snake_case. This means the value Paid User becomes paid_user and is the value you should use to update that dropdown.

⚠️in your SQL, please transform the column value.

lower(replace(column_name, ' ', '_'))

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us via live chat in the dashboard or emailing us at support@getcensus.com.